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17.00 - 01.00

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Monday - Sunday

Daring to be distinguishably different, the hottest new concept in dining has hit Pattaya – Mantra Restaurant and Bar - features various mouthwatering Asian and Mediterranean cuisine in a stylish modern setting.
In an interior designed to transport the senses to a haven of relaxation and indulgence, sleek glass architecture marries with artifacts from throughout the Orient. The restaurant boasts 180 seats on two levels and dramatic towering shelves create a focal point with an artfully placed eclectic collection of treasures.
Exotic combinations from the menu, offer diners a host of sublime taste sensations. In each of the open kitchens, the chefs take centre stage, expertly preparing the cuisine in a well-orchestrated display of their craft. Highlights include tandoori, fresh from the oven and sushi that is prepared as you watch at the sushi bar. An extensive walk-in wine cellar ensures that
Mantra truly is a gourmet experience.
Guests can share an intimate dining alcove or dine on the outdoor terrace. Two private rooms are the perfect party space for many an occasion. Special menus can be tailor-made for every function, bringing together a delicious symphony of different cuisines.
Afterwards, savour the experience, linger in the bar and listen to the unique Mantra sounds, whilst mingling with the shadowy sets of beautiful people. Day beds, create cozy lounging areas to chill out, as well as more intimate seating, which is evocative of a Bedouin tented camp.

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