KhumKaew Palace Khantoke

Tempat Makan yang Bagus

Makanan Thai

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00.00 - 00.00

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Monday - Sunday

Discover the Legend of Lanna Thai at Khum Kaew Palace Khantoke.
Surround yourself with the grace and splendeur of centuries-old Lanna architecture in the style of Khum Chao Kaew Naowarat.
The Khum Kaew Palace Khantoke is proud to reflect the northern traditional treasure of Lanna atmosphere where guests are cordially welcome in a typical Chiangmai style. Most uniquely, the Lanna Cultural Art is portrayed through our sophisticated Khantoke Dinner - a northern specialty at the KhumKaew Palace Khantoke. Experience and meet the charming people of the north at the KhumKaew Palace - Home of the Lanna heritage.

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