Cafe-Del-Sol Italian & Thai Restaurant
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14.30 - 23.30

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Café del Sol
Open daily from 14:30 – 23:30

Our open air café has a spectacular panoramic Views of the Andaman Sea and is designed for comfort so you can relax and never feel rushed.

Let our chefs prepare you the most scrumptious Italian and Thai favorites on the island. Fresh seafood, Thai specialties, sizzling steaks, pastas, pizza, salads, sandwiches await you every day. Our staff will see to your every need and hungry desire.

Lounge bar
Sit back and ease into a cocktail while soothing lounge music plays in the background.

Living room
Open daily from 8:00 – 23:30
Unwind, relax and meet friends. The perfect place to catch the sunset or maybe after dinner drinks. We have books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, newspapers.

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