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Life Balance Fitness Kegiatan luar(outdoor) and Petualangan, Lapangan Golf, Kebun Binatang dan Akuarium, Gelanggang Olahraga, Pasar Malam, Pasar Lokal, Pasar/Pasar Terapung, Pedesaan & Komunitas, Spa & Kesehatan, Sisi lain tentang Alam, Pegunungan (Doi), Pantai & Teluk, Goa, Sungai & Kanal, Kebun Raya & Cagar Alam Laut Nasional, Kepulauan

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07.00 - 19.00

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  Situated on Sam Roi Yot Beach lies a fitness center with various routines using different types of resistance force designed to train the body the become stronger, more agile and balanced. The main idea here is that exercise should be fun and enjoyable, and with the right relationships with the concept of body training, this results in a firmer and more tone body as well as getting rid of excessive fat and an increase in oxygen lung capacity leading to a stronger heart.


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