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Baan Kwai (Buffalo Village)

Baan Kwai is a place where Central Thai cultures are gathered on a 40-acre land divided into many parts such as the farmers' village showing an ordinary lifestyle with a field to thresh rice, a buffalo corral, and a cent...

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Ban Khwai or Buffalo House

Ban Khwai or Buffalo House    Buffaloes and human beings were bound in the ancient time. In particular, Thai people’s lifestyle in the past depended on buffalo labor for agriculture. It can therefore...

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Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium is located within the VachiraBenchatat Park (aka.Rodfai Park) in the south-eastern area of the Railway within the total area of 6 rai. The garden separated into 4 zones. 1. Introd...

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Buffalo Conservation Village

Nowadays, most Thai rice farmers use tractors for preparing rice paddy instead of using water buffaloes like their ancestors. As a result, the water buffaloes have been forgotten and the number of them in Thailand has dr...

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Centre of Military Dogs
Centre of Military Dogs(Nakhon Ratchasima)

From 1965 onwards, the use of American military dogs has been wide spread in Thailand. One of the first occasions was when police dogs were part of the Vietnamese War. Ever since they have taken part in several military ...

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Chang Puak Camp
Chang Puak Camp(Hat Yai)

Chang Puak Camp is located at 86, Moo 1, in ThoongYai sub-district, Hat Yai district, Song Khla covering the area of 50 fields. The popular activities at Chang Puak Camp include elephant trekking, ATV car riding, archery...

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Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center

Founded in 1969, Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center is one of the first elephant camps in Chiang Mai. Offering the most beautiful natural setting, the center is surrounded by small hills, natural forest and the Ping Riv...

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Crocodile Farm and Zoo

The farm is near the important tourist attractions which are Phraphutthachai and Phraphutthachai National Park. The farm breeds the crocodiles and sells to the farmers. Besides crocodiles, there are many other kinds of a...

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Mae Sa Elephant Camp
Mae Sa Elephant Camp(Chiang Mai)

The valley of Mae Sa Elephant Camp is where you could spend the whole day with one of their 70 cute, giant mammals, amid the natural environment. With more than 30 years of caretaking experience, Mae Sa offers choices of...

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Mae Sa Snake Farm
Mae Sa Snake Farm (Chiang Mai)

Mae Sa Snake Farm is located on Mae Rim - Samoeng road, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai. Mae Sa snake farm is the biggest snake farm in Northern part of Thailand. Visitors can be fascinated with varied kinds of snakes and t...

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