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Senior Restaurant & Bar

Many visitors to Thailand in their golden years will be well-traveled souls, accustomed to a multitude of exotic cuisines from around the world.Nowadays, you’ll have little trouble finding exactly what it is that you have a craving for, especially in Thailand’s largest cities.

Seniors may prefer the comfort and quality of the Kingdom’s finer eating establishments, or they may wish to “go local” and join the masses enjoying the variety of smaller eateries, family-run shops, or street stalls.These more down-to-earth places are frequently on par with the more expensive restaurants, and no discount is provided for seniors—nor is one needed at the prices they charge.The larger hotels and fancier restaurants will of course be costlier, but don’t hesitate to ask if senior discounts are available; often they will be.

There are many restaurants throughout Thailand that seniors can enjoy.

From the moment you decide to visit Thailand, until the day you leave, you should be aware that senior discounts exist in many places, some quite unexpected.

It is no exaggeration to say that some of the best jazz bars in Southeast Asia are in Thailand. 

Despite what you may have heard about Thailand’s wild nightlife scene, much of this is apocryphal, exaggerated, or a thing of the past.