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Tempat Belanja Keluarga

While enjoying your holiday in Thailand, it’s sometimes easy to forget to take advantage of all the unique, inexpensive products on sale everywhere. Don’t wait until your last day or two in the country to pick up—or order—the odd gift, toy, piece of furniture, or special item that will be a special souvenir of your time in Thailand.

There is something for everyone on the streets and in the malls, in the shops and in the markets, in the mountains and on the beaches. And for those with an eye for bargains, you’ll be amazed at the beauty and quality of items available. Bear in mind one useful shopping tip: if something looks good in a shop in Thailand, surrounded by many similar items, it is bound to look super special back home. Here are some ideas for you to start your shopping list.

All the major malls in Thailand’s big cities will have at least one good toy or game shop, often more in the big department stores.

There is certainly no lack of clothing, garment, and accessory stores in Thailand.

Thailand has a number of excellent manufacturers of children’s furniture.

Shops for mothers can be found quite easily in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya

Lest we forget, Dads like nice things, too, and also need pampering from time to time.

The major shopping centers and malls will carry many nice products for the home, as will the numerous retail stores in Thailand, such as HomePro, Index Living Mall, and Koncept Furniture.