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Anggaran Keluarga

Anyone who has every visited Thailand with their children will tell you what a truly amazing experience it was: they felt like celebrities; Thais approached them everywhere to admire and touch their children; they never felt more welcomed or loved anywhere in the world, and on and on.

In short, Thailand is a wonderful destination for families, and hotels, guesthouses, lodges, and longstays will welcome you and your clan with open arms. More and more offer special features for children, special rates, and even special rooms. Be sure to do your homework and spend some time researching family-friendly accommodation in Thailand—you’ll be glad you did!

In addition to the many family-friendly hotels that now exist throughout Thailand, some places push the family – and kids’ – themes to the max, providing an amazing variety of activities for your children to participate in and enjoy, while you sneak off for some long overdue relaxation, pampering, or  maybe even sleep.

You probably never spend as much time with your family as you do on an extended holiday.This is a wonderful opportunity for bonding, sharing memorable experiences, and really getting to know one another better in a totally relaxed atmosphere.