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Pantai & Teluk

Thailand beaches are both world renowned and well deserving of their fame as Thailand features some outstanding beaches with stunning undersea marine life. From Phuket to Phi Phi, Samui to Samet, Thailand beaches are favorite destinations of visitors from around the world. Each Thai beach features its own unique characteristics, though all have a range of accommodation options, welcoming Thai hospitality, and are ideal for a Thailand beach holiday.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Hat Hua Hin

 Hua Hin, located at the sunrise side of the city, is home to a 5 kilometer beach with white sands, bungalows, five-star hotels and resorts. The beach runs from a rocky headland and curves about three kilometers dow...

Khao Tao

A small and more secluded beach is located 10 kilometers South of Hua Hin, featuring a large Buddha image facing out to sea as its landmark. Choices of bungalows are available.

Noppharat Thara Beach

 Noppharat Thara  is among Krabi’s most famous beaches. Located only 6 km away from Ao Nang Bay, Noppharat Thara  Beach features a 3-km white sandy beach full of rows of casuarinas and coconut trees....

Ao Nang

 Ao Nang is Krabi tourist central. The coastline of Ao Nang  is twenty kilometers away from Krabi town, and six kilometers away from Noppharat Thara beach. Its scenic beach with relaxing ambiance makes it a pop...

Thale Waek or Separated Sea

One of Thailand's unseen highlights, this amazing natural phenomenon is set to take place at Ko Daam Kwan Island five days before and after the full moon, from December to the early May, when tides change dramatically in...