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Doi Hua Mhod
Doi Hua Mhod


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Kategori : Pedesaan & Komunitas, Pegunungan (Doi)

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Doi Hua Mhod is a bald-peaked mountain covered with patches of grass and savannah trees. It is around 10 kilometers away from Um-Phang town through the Baan Sobhuay-MaeSamoong route. Taking another left turn onto a small dirt road for 700 meters you would be arriving at the Doi Hua Mhod parking lot. From the parking zone, continuing on foot for merely 150 meters you would arrive at this scenic attraction. Doi Hua Mhod is packed with several bald-peaked hills; which is where the name Doi Hua Mhod or Kao Hua Lone comes from. Within the area, there are several viewpoints, where among them, is where Thailand’s GPS point is pinned at. For Doi Hua Mhod has no large trees blocking, it is prime location for viewing talay mhok (sea of mist). It is recommended to arrive at Doi Hua Mhod before dawn which is around 05:00 – 06:00 to really be able to indulge the panoramic scenery and cool breeze. From the peak of the hills, looking to the left would be the city of Um-Phang – a small town in the mountain valleys.
Doi Hua Mhod has its own exclusivity in every season throughout the year. During the rainy season, Doi Hua Mhod changes into a large field of pink flowers. These flowers are from Ton Tian. At this time of the year, villagers usually call Doi Hua Mhod, Doi Chompood instead. These bald-peaked hills are mostly open spaces, thus once Ton Tian blooms, most of the area would be covered with its flowers and petals making it pink. For a better view of the blooming trees, it is highly suggested to be at the peak of the hills and look down from there. July and August of every year is when Dok Tian (flowers from Ton Tian) blooms at their most, while the beginning of September the flowers start to wither, but still gives a beautiful vista. After the blooming season has ended, Doi Hua Mhod is only left with dried grass and Sipsong-panna palms which has high resistance to droughts and strong sunshine.
In the cool season, Doi Hua Mhod is famous for the talay mhok view. Because it is one of the lower hills and is close to the valley down below, when the mist effect of the talay mhok occurs, people who are viewing it from Doi Hua Mhod gets to see it up close.
The hot season also attracts visitors by beautiful blooming Dok Siaw, which is a flower from the ChongKo family. Dok Siaw is a white flower and around March they usually all bloom at once, creating an exceptionally beautiful white forest.

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: Take the Umphang – Ban Pa La Tha route to Doi Hua Mot for around 10 km. There are two viewpoints: the first at Km 9 plus a 20 – minute – mountain walk, and the second at Km 10 -- take a left turn to the parking lot and a further 5 – minute walk. It is suggested to arrive at Doi Hua Mot before sunrise around 5.00 – 6.00 a.m. On the mountain top, it is rather cool and the wind blows all the time.

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