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Sri Siam Holidays Ltd., Part
Sri Siam Holidays Ltd., Part


Contact Details

    Norbert Zimmer

    1991/104 (Areeya Mandarina), On Nut Road, Sukhumvit 77 Suang Luang

    Tel: +66 2349 1801, +66 2349 1802


    fax: +66 349 1804

Kategori : Selancar Ombak (Wake boarding), Jet Ski & Ski Air, Snorkeling, Selam scuba, Parasailing, Selancar Angin & Selancar Layang, Memancing, Berkayak & Berkano Di Laut, Berkayak & Berkano Di Sungai atau Danau, Arung Jeram, Pantai , Bersepeda gunung, Bersepeda, Trekking / Hiking, Menunggang gajah, Eksplorasi gua, Panjat Tebing, Lompat bungy, Mengendarai 4x4 Off-road, Rafting, Sekolah Penerbangan, Pelatihan Panjat Tebing, Sekolah selam scuba, Kelas Memasak Makanan Thai, Kebun & kilang anggur, Pengamatan burung, Alam & Margasatwa, Tinju Thai, Homestay, Pertunjukan Budaya, Suku-suku di Pegunungan, Gaya Hidup Penduduk Lokal, Sejarah , Kapal Layar/Pesiar, Makan malam di Kapal Pesiar, Kapal Pesiar

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Our slogan is special, individual and personally.

We are specialists for Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam every tour request will be processed individually, we do not send any ready-made package-quotations to you.

In all major regions we have subagents, who are very flexible, this matter helps us to fulfill nearly all your demands for your holidays.

Our product-managers visit many of the tourist-destinations frequently, to update all necessary informations regarding accommodation, transportation and attractions.

We can help you to design your holidays.

We can arrange roundtrips; all kinds of accommodation; private or joint transfers domestic-airtickets, train, bus, ferry-tickets; sightseeing and short packages.

You may combine 2 or 3 countries for your holidays, most of the countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar) have easy to handly border regulations.

Either you need a complete package, only some parts, or even only a transfer we can arrange everything for you.

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