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Selama anda liburan di Thailand hamper setiap kegiatan akan diatur, Anda bisa memilih kegiatan berikut ini untuk mempelajari kegiatan dan acara yang sedang berlangsung, anda dapat memilih dan menambahkan rencana perjalanan anda dengan mengklik lingkaran berwarna hijau

Highlight Activities in Thailand

Without question, Bangkok is one of the world’s premier shopping destinations. Shopping in Thailand is world class, featuring 21st century shopping malls, such as Siam Paragon; multi-story electronics malls including Panthip Plaza; expansive local markets, such as the JJ weekend market; and local markets from Chiang Mai to Udon Thani that sell everything from clothes and household goods to food and flowers.

Nearly every city and town has a central market that is a fascinating way to spend a few hours and a great way to pick up toiletries, clothes, or local handicrafts. In the larger, touristier towns like Chiang Mai, weekend markets and night markets feature all variety of handicrafts both modern and traditional, including t-shirts and dresses made by inspirational young artists and puppets and jewelry crafted by hill tribe communities.

Bangkok’s night markets on Patpong and Sukhumvit Roads are ideal places to pick up souvenirs or gifts for those back home, while more impressive gifts can be procured from retailers such as certified antiques dealers, gem and jewelry shops, or Jim Thompson, the famous silk pioneer. In regards to gems and antiques, it should be noted that there are numerous occurrences of scams involving antiques and gems, and restrictions on the export of Buddha images. Otherwise, with the right guidance there are genuine opportunities to make some brilliant shopping discoveries.

Getting clothes tailor made in Bangkok is a top priority for many, though boutique shops in Siam Square feature the latest ready-to-wear designs from the city’s chic young designers. Meanwhile, in Chinatown, almost every conceivable knick-knack and trinket is for sale in the myriad mazes of back alleys, while those shopping for gold can do so along the district’s Yaowarat Road.

Ekoturisme / Perjalanan Hijau
Ekoturisme / Perjalanan Hijau

Thailand memiliki sumber daya alam yang melimpah, termasuk berbagai flora dan fauna, serta lingkungan alam yang beragam. Ada lebih dari 100 taman nasional, termasuk lebih dari 20 taman laut, dan hewan di Thailand termasuk lebih dari 1.000 spesies yang berbeda mamalia, burung yang dimana banyak yang asli dan migrasi, dan kehidupan laut yang spektakuler.

Setiap Taman Nasional Thailand dihuni oleh flora dan fauna yang unik, dari hutan beriklim gunung utara dan dataran luas sentral Thailand untuk savana timur laut dan hutan bakau pantai selatan itu. Keragaman satwa liar termasuk monyet, siamang, gajah, beruang, dan bahkan hiu paus, ikan terbesar di dunia.

Kegiatan-Eco (penghijauan) di Thailand termasuk trekking(bersepeda), kayak, snorkeling, fotografi alam, arung jeram, mengamati burung, dan hewan liar lainnya dapat di temukan di Thailand, seperti gajah dan siamang.

Tanaman Thailand dan hewan yang unik dan beragam, dengan berbagai iklim yang cocok untuk berbagai tanaman dan spesies hewan.

Hutan alam hampir menutupi 25% dari Thailand, dengan hutan yang terutama terdiri dari hutan musim dan hutan hujan. Hutan hujan terutama terdiri dari pohon deciduous atau pohon yang berkayu keras, yang merontokkan daunnya selama musim kemarau dalam rangka untuk menghemat air. Zona hutan hujan rata-rata tertutup oleh pohon cemara. Di dalam pesisir dataran rendah, hutan hujan lebih didominasi, mangrove dan rotan berlimpah. Trekking, berkuda, bersepeda gunung, dan bahkan kayak adalah cara yang bagus untuk keluar ke alam Thailand dan membuat sebagian besar dari pengalaman Anda di kerajaan.

Thailand terkenal dengan ragam pohon berbuah dan bunga dan tanaman, yang paling ikonik yaitu anggrek, bunga nasional Thailand yang muncul di lebih dari 27.000 varietas yang berbeda.

Sementara perambahan pada habitat mereka telah mengurangi jumlah hewan eksotis di Thailand, masih ada sejumlah besar spesies asli. Yang paling ikonik ini adalah gajah, yang bersisa sekitar 1.000, sebagian besar dalam Taman Nasional di Thailand. Di antara mamalia yang lebih besar adalah harimau, macan tutul, beruang matahari Malaysia, rusa sambar, berang-berang, dan kucing musang. Hewan pemanjat termasuk owa dan berbagai jenis monyet. Ada juga domba, kambing, lembu, tapir, sapi liar, babi liar, dan berbagai macam ular, termasuk kobra.

Ada lebih dari 900 spesies burung berkembang biak termasuk burung asli Thailand atau burung migrasi ke Thailand. Wisata Mengamati burung sangat populer di Taman nasional Sam Roi Yot dan Khao Sok, yang merupakan rumah bagi enam spesies rangkong. Buaya, kadal, dan kura-kura yang banyak. Ikan berlimpah di sungai dan perairan pesisir.

Aktivitas Luar Ruang & Petualangan - Aktivitas udara
Aktivitas Luar Ruang & Petualangan - Aktivitas udara

Thailand’s geography and terrain are quite diverse: from the lush, jungle covered peaks of the northern mountains to the turquoise hues of the Gulf of Thailand. Exploring Thailand by air, whether skydiving or riding aboard a hot air balloon, glider, helicopter, or small aircraft allows visitors to have an exhilarating experience while getting a unique perspective on Thailand’s spectacular countryside.

Aktivitas belajar
Aktivitas belajar

Because of its reasonable prices, outstanding weather, and warm hospitality, Thailand is a top destination for those looking to learn something on their holiday. Thai cooking, Thai massage, and Muay Thai boxing are popular cultural subjects of study that can be undertaken in a day or over an entire holiday. Flight schools, golf lessons, rock climbing instruction, and scuba certification are other popular holiday activities that benefit from Thailand’s rich natural resources, high standards of professionalism, and inexpensive pricing.

Mengemudi sendiri
Mengemudi sendiri

Hiring a car and exploring Thailand on your own is an outstanding way to see the real Thailand, as hiring a Thai car is a cheap way of seeing rural areas and meeting everyday Thai people. Whether you hire a car to explore around Phuket or to see the countryside around Chiang Mai, renting a car is generally an easy and fairly inexpensive proposition. One way rentals between destinations (e.g. Bangkok-Chiang Mai) are also a possibility, though you should expect to pay a drop-off fee.

Avis, Hertz and other international car hire agencies are well represented in Thailand, although many rental companies will not rent a Thai car or provide insurance to drivers who do not have an international driving license. While it is technically legal to drive in Thailand with a valid foreign driver’s license, having an international license will make renting and driving a Thai car potentially less problematic.

Furthermore, Thailand has an excellent network of well maintained roads and highways between all the provincial capitals and major towns and cities in between.

Most roads and highways are in good condition, and have two or three lanes on each side, including a majority of the north-south route (from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to the southern beaches). Road signage follows international convention and is in both Thai and English, though some are only in Thai (like 'Stop' and 'Give Way'). Buy a decent road map before you set off, though it’s well to remember that Thai words aren't always romanized consistently (e.g. Petburi road on the map and Phetchaburi road on the street sign are one and the same).