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Selama anda liburan di Thailand hamper setiap kegiatan akan diatur, Anda bisa memilih kegiatan berikut ini untuk mempelajari kegiatan dan acara yang sedang berlangsung, anda dapat memilih dan menambahkan rencana perjalanan anda dengan mengklik lingkaran berwarna hijau

Highlight Activities in Thailand
Kapal Layar dan Pesiar
Kapal Layar dan Pesiar

From Bangkok to the beach and even in Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai, where there is water there are boats, and tourists have many opportunities to take a cruise as part of their exotic Thai holiday

In Bangkok a cruise is a great way for tourists to see the city. The Chao Phraya River is a major transportation artery and features numerous options for travelers to sightsee via boat; it’s incredibly convenient as well; most boat services connect to the BTS Silom line at Saphan Taksin station and visit sightseeing attractions up and down the river, including the Chao Phraya’s most celebrated sight, Wat Arun (the Temple of Dawn).

In addition to daytime cruises to see the sights, there are a number of dinner cruises where Thai food is served. These dinner cruises are also major attractions in Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya, which is just upriver from Bangkok: a journey which serves as a fascinating cruise of its own.

Around Thailand’s beaches and island there are innumerable opportunities for getting aboard a boat for a single or multi-day adventure. From Phuket, boats provide day trip service to Phan Nga bay, Koh Phi Phi, and even the Similan Islands. From Koh Samui, day cruises combine snorkeling and lunch around Koh Nang Yuan, the postcard-perfect three islands connected by narrow strips of sand. Renovated Chinese Junk ships and other posh sailing vessels are also available to sail upon either for a single day’s outing or a longer, more exclusive romantic holiday.

Even the smaller islands allow you to hire long tail boats for the day and make your own day trip, cruising between beaches and nearby islands.


Dengan lapangan hijau yang cukup luas dan reputasi untuk layanan kelas pertama, Thailand adalah pilihan alami untuk pengembang dan desainer untuk membangun beberapa klub golf utama dan kursus. Pemula mendapatkan keuntungan dari harga yang wajar, sedangkan pegolf berpengalaman menikmati cuaca yang spektakuler dan kursus menantang, termasuk kursus Santiburi berbukit di Koh Samui.

Kurang lebih tiga puluh menit hanya dari Bangkok, Chonburi adalah rumah bagi lebih dari 30 kursus, dan Kanchanaburi dan Hua Hin menampilkan fitur program kelas dunia hanya beberapa jam jauh dari ibukota. Thailand berisi program yang dirancang oleh Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, dan Gary Player dan pengaturan menampilkan pegunungan yang mengelilingi hijau nya Chiang Mai dan pemandangan pantai Phuket.

Saat ini bahkan klub golf paling eksklusif di Thailand, seperti Blue Canyon Country Club, yang membebaskan tee non-anggota untuk bermain. Paket golf yang lebih umum daripada sebelumnya dan Thailand semakin menjadi tujuan utama bagi wisatawan yang mencari program yang besar, harga yang besar, dan layanan yang besar.

Aktivitas Luar Ruang & Petualangan - Aktivitas darat
Aktivitas Luar Ruang & Petualangan - Aktivitas darat

Thailand’s diverse terrain includes both developed and pristine areas that allow for a variety of outdoor land activities. Extreme activities such as paintball and bungy jumping exist closer to the centers of tourism, such as Samui and Pattaya, but there are many outdoor land activities that utilize the protected and still unspoiled regions of Thailand. Activities such as horse riding, elephant trekking, cave exploration, and rock climbing allow visitors to have fun while exploring the beautiful Thai countryside. 4x4 off road driving, mountain biking, and jungle trekking can take visitors into the most remote areas of Thailand in order to visit hill tribe villages and spot exotic and endangered wildlife. No matter what your level of activity, there are many opportunities for you to experience the great natural attractions of Thailand.

Spa dan Kesehatan
Spa dan Kesehatan

Thai culture, which has long had historically influence from Indian culture, has longstanding tradition of massage and wellness techniques. In fact, Thai massage is a centuries old practice that is based on stimulating the flow of life force through the body via sib sen, or energy lines. Consequently there are a number of opportunities in Thailand to visit a day spa in order to experience Thai massage or check yourself into a world-famous spa and wellness retreat that can design a treatment package, including meals or fasting and holistic or ayurvedic treatments, especially for you.

In fact the range of options is uncountable. Foot massage and Thai massage parlors, offering their services for as little as 100 baht per hour are found on the streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, as well as along the beaches of Phuket, Samui, and Pattaya.

Each of these destinations also features more inclusive spas, which fuse Thai massage with western techniques to provide oil massages with natural herbs, such as lemongrass, in an environment filled with ornate décor and impeccable service.

Luxury spas and wellness retreats in Phuket, Hua Hin, and Koh Phangan were established for both health and pampering, and range from prohibitively expensive and exclusive retreats designed for global celebrities to beachside resorts that give yoga instruction overlooking the sea and communal beachside dinners.

Aktivitas belajar
Aktivitas belajar

Because of its reasonable prices, outstanding weather, and warm hospitality, Thailand is a top destination for those looking to learn something on their holiday. Thai cooking, Thai massage, and Muay Thai boxing are popular cultural subjects of study that can be undertaken in a day or over an entire holiday. Flight schools, golf lessons, rock climbing instruction, and scuba certification are other popular holiday activities that benefit from Thailand’s rich natural resources, high standards of professionalism, and inexpensive pricing.